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Name- Marie
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Fav Movie: Gladiator
Fav Type of Music: Rock (though I usualy listen to anything I like)
Best Friend: Mike

Ok...so my name is Marie. Thousands of girl's middle name around the country. I go to highschool and have a pretty boring life. These are the ramblings of a teenage girl. Loner yet volleyball player. Not popular but not unliked. I listen to any music I like. I'm mainly drawn to rock because of my brother's influence but I listen to many types of music.

From Greenday- Time of your life TO Nirvana- Lithium
From Gladiator soundtrack TO Rob Zombie- Super Beast

Just some examples of how different my tastes can be. I'm a hopeless romantic. Something considered tragic now a days. So here is some stuff about me. The rest will have to be your own opinions after reading my entries.

The voices in my head tell me what to do.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Wow its been a long time

Well more misadventures for me and my life. I've been going out more and doing things. Slowly getting my life back after Mike. Even managed to date a guy a few times before finding out yesterday that he used me and is running as fast as he can back to his ex. I have the best luck with guys dont I? :P
And my license might be taken away. Have a court date soon for speeding. Wish me luck. I am so bored right now. And really I dont have anything witty or interesting to say. I'm still in gay school but atleast I only have a year left. Ok...well i'll TRY to post more often. Don't count on it tho ;)

Posted at 09:10 pm by FireNymph
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
For those interested

I've been gone forever. Well I haven't been gone....just havent logged on here. Lately i've been using MYspace but of course since you know the people you cant share your true feelings. Here are some things i've wanted to talk about but there is no one out there who actually gives a shit what happens.

Mike (the guy who told me I was his soulmate and that he would love me forever).....Well turns out he didn't. Instead he listened to friends who had told him to fuck me and leave me before they even knew me. Instead he became popular and left me for the first girl that showed interest in him. Instead he did everything in his power to hurt me afterwards and literally spread rumours about me. Instead he made fun of the pain I went through. But hey, atleast he really did love me when he was niave. Atleast he loved me before he realized that the only thing that matters is the physical part in a relationship. So atleast In the begining it wasn't faked.

Brian and I are still friends. I think he stopped working on his blog to. I'll ask him about it. Hes been so busy with college homework and his girlfriend Amber that I can see why he wouldn't have time for this.

Other then that, all my friends except Sam deserted me. And shes still a two-faced bitch *shrugs* But shes still a friend. Dont know what happend to Kristana. I let her know im still alive but no word from her so I dont think she really gave a shit. A guy in the town practically conjoined to mine is showing interest in me which is almost scary because I just want to be friends and i'll have to have to tell him that.

Looks like im gonna be single until college. Oh well. Just one more year.

Posted at 09:32 am by FireNymph
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Monday, June 13, 2005
Been a While

Ok...I haven't written for a while. Life is still boring but its the last week of school. Thank god. Yesterday was Mike's birthday. I wish I could have been there with him. Things have done down the shitter with him and me. At the moment I'm with another guy and Mike is trying to get me back. I'll go back to him but he needs to get his act together. I don't know if hes still comming down for a while this summer and I dont know if im still moving to Hawaii even though im dying to. There are a few finals but everything will be easy this week. Todd has been missing for a week ever since we brought a new kitten home and I hope to god hes still alive. I miss him so much. In keyboarding I finished all my stuff on time and so not only do I not have to take the final which no one passes and is now over 16 pages long, but there is no more work for me to do except optional extra credit and so I can just be on the internet for the rest of the week. Well I gotta go...maybe i'll start writing again.

Posted at 12:02 pm by FireNymph
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Thursday, May 19, 2005
My Life

Everything Fucking Sucks

Posted at 02:39 pm by FireNymph
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Not about the WASL.....but mentions it....

Today is completely boring. Took the WASL yesterday and today. Yesterday and today was COMPLETELY boring but I think I did great on both of the two tests so far. I died on my game so Mike and Brian are trying to help me out. Other then that, I still have no life :D

I miss Mike

Anyways, have something I feel like writing but since friends read this (Brian) I would rather not make them uncomfortable. Well...or anyone else reading this.

Well fuck it. I shouldn't be worried about getting personal on my own blog! I'll say what I want....Just not with Brian reading. SORRY BRIAN! Kinda funny how it's easier to let people you dont know at all read your personal feelings but its harder to let friends. Maybe it's because you'll never meet them and they don't really know you. Oh well.... Bell rang. 3 more boring classes.

Posted at 11:48 am by FireNymph
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Monday, April 11, 2005
Random entry

I have no idea what to write in this. Spring break was ok. Went to my mom's house mostly. My birthday is in 13 days. School SUCKS! Well....everything sucks. Except for Mikey :D Most of the time...
And Brian is cool too. Everything else sucks. I wont even go into my spring break. It's too much to say. Though I have semi broken the news to my mom about Mike and I wanting to get married when we are old enough. Shes very interested in him now. Shes cool and not freaking out. I think she knew all along. Kinda wierd tho. She got married at my age to....guess who....a Mike. Oh well. He better come down this summer. Alone would be best. WAY more time to ourselves since my parents dont really give a fuck.....well my dad might TRY to be a strict parent and watch us but he'll get lazy after a while. Hes trying to put off moving to Hawaii till NEXT YEAR!!! BULLSHIT! I'm trying to get him to change his mind. I miss him :'(. Brian is probley missing Amber like this. Atleast I know some other people are going through this....though thats not a GOOD thing. ANYWAYS. 3 more classes. I've been playing a lot of my XBox but I'll probley work on my story later. Well I'm done ranting for now.

Posted at 11:46 am by FireNymph
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Some new things

WOOT! NEw Cell! And I just had my first day of Driver's ED. Bout damn time! They have a snack place tho :D. I have to go to 15 lessons and then do some tests and some driving, blah blah blah. I just watched 13 Ghosts on SCIFI and as I'm typing i'm watching Rose Red. Thats some scary shit right there. I wanna bite Mike. I will later. Right now I'm playing him at Checkers ;) Hes getting better. Ok....finished the rose red. I have been drawing. Mike started it by sending a link for a sex scene and stuff while I sent some :D I'm thirsty. Now part of the Shining is on. SciFi Rocks. Well....I think I'll go.

Posted at 11:04 pm by FireNymph
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Exactly 1 month till my birthday! WOOT! My dad JUST NOW signed me up for driver's ed. Then I must wait a few months to get my licence. This sucks. All my friends have been driving for a while. Also I'm getting my teeth looked at and a new contact perscription....the RIGHT one. Cro is busy irl with his girlfriend who is visiting. Hes turned off his cell phone damnit! Oh well...I'll try later. Gotta go. Bell rang.

Posted at 11:47 am by FireNymph
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Monday, March 21, 2005
Purple Kind of Day

My english essay is due today and for once, I got it done! I got it done within 10min of class when she assigned it. I know....I'm good.... I did it on Gay Marriage since she suggested it. I have so many good points that the people in my class won't be able to challenge it. Some people in my class are just stupid. They say we should ship them all to another continent or shoot them. What fucking dumbasses. In the words of Brian 'They deserve to be strung up by their entrails' or some demented thing like that ;).

Dad forgot to give me lunch money today so I would have been starving right now....well more then I am already... but a good deed as come back to me. I love Karma sometimes. Let someone borrow $1 and didn't bug them about it on friday. Today they gave it to me which allowed me to get a cup of noodles for lunch. Still hungry though. But I had oreos with milk for breakfast! So that helped. Don't worry....I brushed my teeth. Now I have a nasty, badly cooked roast beef taste in my mouth. I will charge my dad later. I also get to have quiznos after school and a cd....downside is that I have to sit for 30min while my dad does his taxes. I better get a long cd. 6th period I'll see if Brian can get ahold of Mike and tell him I wont be home for a while after school. I should just forget it though just like he forgot to tell me he told brian we would call him last night and went to sleep early without telling me this. So of course I waited up with no call recieved all by myself. That would be cruel though so I won't. Ok, bored now.

Posted at 11:41 am by FireNymph
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Today has been great! First period we watched an easy-ass movie and took 10 notes along with comming up with 5 questions....all of which I copied from the questions the guy in the movie asked US. Ha ha.....suckas....
Anyways, then was history. We started watched Ju-on or whatever (The japanese version of The Grudge) but it was too bloody or something at the beginning. I AM GOING TO RENT IT TONIGHT!!! I HAVE TO! I saw the american one but this one looked so much better. Now guess how he decides to remedy this blood at the beginning. He puts in Troy. Good movie but has parthial nudity and battles for gods sakes. Oh well. 3rd period I zoned out and wrote french back and forth with my partner in front of me. Hes smart and I suck at french. He had gone ahead so he could insult me and I had to look up what he wrote *blushes*. I got back at him though. I wasn't in a year of german without learning some helpful words ;). Then he called me ugly so I made an arrow pointing to him. Then I wrote that I was beautiful in french. This of course seemed only to apply to weather (Whoops) and he wrote the right one in. Then he went on to show off all the other words her knew like cute or pretty and stuff. Had to earse though when teach came around handing things back. Barely any work in that class. I semi skipped lunch. I was eatting the period next anyways. I talked to Brian (As I am now even though im in class) and he helped me out with the only thing making my day bad. Stupid essay. With that I went off to class and ate a baked potatoe with everything on it and had cupcakes. I have 3 left over. MMM.....they taste good. English was also easy. Having finished my backup essay and planning on doing other one this weekend, the teacher told everyone I could look over their essays and make changes to make it sound right. I of course did a spectacular job and the teacher thanked me afterwards. Like I was planning on doing anything other than staring at the floor anyways. Now i'm in this class and we have a sub. Hes old and not paying too much attention. Plus hes the cool kind that doesn't care if you cuss or goof around. Him not paying attention has allowed me to write this *salutes* Thanks old guy!

Posted at 02:29 pm by FireNymph
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